How It Work

Currently Registration on Myschoolupdates Earning Program is Free to Join 


This an extraordinary excellent feature on Myschoolupdates meant for all members, both Referrals and non Referral as a result of their online activities on Myschoolupdates, the process is easy and sweet, taking information and yet earn point to makes online. This an awesome part of Myschoolupdates make it best as no other Africa referral website pay such point.


Here is the real deal on Myschoolupdates , our referral bonus is paying raw cash daily to all our affiliate members. This an exclusive offer that pays per each referral you make or refer through your link into the website. You make N100 per each successful account you refer into the website.

For instance, if you refer just a person is N100, you make 2 persons is N200, 3 persons is N300, 4 persons is N400 etc. 10 persons i.e 100 X 10 = N1,000 and 130 X 20 = N2,000 cash and more.

And each person you refer automatically credited 50 point on his/her dashboard.




After being a financial registered members, the followings are ways to earn and make money online.

1. Once you Sign up, you receive bonus of (500) MYSpoint.

2. Reading News earn you (10 MYS point)

3. Sharing any news on the site, you earn (2 MYS point).

4. Daily Login bonus is (50 MYS point)

5. Also Sharing sponsored post is (50 MYS point.)

6. And Earn N1300 Gaf for Referral Bonus.

7. Your Earn N500 airtime by posting your Alert testimony on our Facebook page..


However the wonderful part of this opportunity is that (7,500 Gas point) equal to (N4000).

You can Also Register your freind with 7,500 Gas point and have the Registration fee worth N1800  

Easily you withdraw any amount you earn so far Giftalworld through placing a withdrawal form. A payments form provides space for you to fill and submit bank details to earn and receive your earning.

All earnings which you have made can be requested  and paid to your  Bank account Month onces you meet up the minimum Threshold , Please note that you must have a valid BANK DETAILS to get paid. Myschoolupdates pays her members through Bulk Internet Transfer to all Banks payments. We also publish the successful payments on the  Myschoolupdates  Payment Sheet.